The Differences in Shrimp: Red, White, Brown & Pink

There are well over 300 different shrimp species around the world. Of all the commercially available shrimp, there’s a few basic categories: red, white, brown, and red. Aside from their color what makes these categories of shrimp so different?

Red Shrimp
Argentine Red and Royal Red Shrimp live in this category. Their size is much larger than most shrimp, but they’re mostly known for their beautiful ruby red coloring they possess when raw and cooked. Their flavor profile is unmatched as it’s a unique sweet, succulent lobster-like taste. These gorgeous, rich shrimps are the epitome of quality. While they elevate any dish or pasta they’re added to, red shrimps also make a perfect plate when simply paired with some melted butter.

White Shrimp
In the white shrimp category lives Chinese white shrimp, Gulf white shrimp, and Pacific white shrimp also known as vannamei. They are white when raw and turn pink once cooked. White shrimp are the most popular shrimp used by both restaurants and home cooks. These shrimps have a firm texture and a mild, slightly sweet taste which makes them incredibly versatile in recipes as well as cooking methods.

Pink Shrimp
Pink shrimp resides in the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. These shrimps are pink when raw and pink when cooked. They have a medium texture and mild, slightly sweet taste. Their smaller size and sweeter profile make them ideal in dishes like shrimp salad.

Brown Shrimp
These shrimps are brown when raw and turn pink once cooked. Due to their coloring, brown shrimp hide well in muddy shorelines. They have a firm texture and a flavoring that is mildly sweet and salty because of their iodine-rich diet. Their unique salty flavor lends them well to Asian cuisine and southern dishes, like gumbo.

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