What is Aquaculture?

aquaculture farm

Aquaculture is the cultivation of aquatic organisms in controlled marine and freshwater environments. In other words, it’s environmentally responsible farming of fish and shellfish. Freshwater aquaculture typically occurs in manmade channel systems or ponds, whereas marine aquaculture primarily occurs in net pens in the ocean or in tanks on land.
While traditional practices of fishing have been used for thousands of years, there’s simply not enough supply of seafood in the oceans and rivers for the ever-growing demand of consumers for that to remain the only method. Using aquaculture as a source for seafood is not only crucial for meeting consumer demands but it also ensures the seafood is raised in a healthy habitat with improved nutrition. Another benefit is that aquaculture is the perfect habitat to rebuild endangered species, which can save them from extinction.
Overall, the breeding and harvesting of seafood in an aquaculture environment produces the seafood needed to feed the world’s population without causing damage to the environment.

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