Trying New Seafood: Taste & Textures

Sometimes, trying new foods can be intimidating. What helps make it a little less scary is knowing exactly what to expect. So, we’re helping you get ready to dive into some delicious new seafood by giving you the details on the taste and texture of each one of the species we offer.

Argentine Red Shrimp are known for their ruby, red coloring. They’re also larger than the average shrimp with a sweet, rich, buttery taste similar to that of lobster.

Cape Hake is a white-flesh fish that is similar to a cod or pollock fish. It has a soft, flaky texture and a mild flavor. It’s versatile in recipes, but it’s the perfect catch for a breaded or battered fish fry dish.

Chilean Sea Bass is one of the richest fish in the sea. It’s a decadent fish with a gorgeous pearl white color that features a rich, buttery, melt-in-your-mouth texture, a sweet yet mild flavor, and large, moist flakes.

Mahi Mahi has a stunning pinkish coloring that pales towards white as it cooks. It has a mild, sweet flavor and a semi-firm texture with large, moist flakes.

Spanish Octopus turns a beautiful dark purple color once cooked. It has a firm, meaty texture with a mild, semi-sweet flavor. Octopus is often prepared by char-grilling giving it a crunchy, smoky bite.

Salmon is the second most consumed seafood in America, lead by shrimp and followed by tuna. It’s known for its stunning pinkish orange coloring. It has a medium-firm, oily texture with large flakes and a mild flavor.

Silverside are small fish that don’t grow over five inches in length. They are similar to a smelt or sardine with their semi-firm texture and oily flavor.

Shrimp is the most consumed seafood in America, and the leading type of shrimp consumed is the Vannamei Shrimp or white shrimp. They are named for their cloudy white color when raw that transforms to a lovely pink and white color once cooked. Vannamei shrimp are incredibly versatile in recipes. They have a firm texture and a mild taste.

If you’re ready to try some new seafood in your diet, look to our recipe page for some inspiration on some tested and chef-approved dishes our team has already developed for each species that you can make at home!

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