Pescanova Launches Cape Hake in the US Market

Cape Hake

During a time of logistical challenges and supply shortages, Cape Hake is set to be the unsung hero. Pescanova has been fishing Cape Hake since the 1960s and currently has the largest Cape Hake processing facility in Africa. Our Cape Hake is caught off the coast in the cold waters of Namibia. Our three, new state-of-the-art fishing vessels and processing facilities preserve the quality of the fish by freezing it at very low temperatures of -20°C to -30°C. We carefully cut and pack fillets and consistently sized portions that are restaurant ready. Cape Hake is a white-flesh fish with a soft, flaky texture similar to its well-known Alaskan Pollock and Cod cousins. Its mild, subtly sweet taste easily compliments any sauce, aromatic, or topping it’s cooked and served with. Cape Hake is an excellent choice to add versatility to any seafood menu as the center piece in a fish n’ chips entrée or simply prepared with lemon and herbs as the catch of the day.

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