October is National Seafood Month

October is National Seafood Month, and the perfect month to talk about our expansive seafood offerings. From MSC-certified Cape Hake and ASC-certified Vannamei White Shrimp to Wild Mahi Mahi and Chilean Sea Bass, Pescanova USA offers a variety of responsibly-sourced premium seafood to elevate your menu options.

Caught off of the coast of Namibia, our Cape Hake is flash frozen as soon as it’s caught to maintain the highest quality, taste and texture. Cape Hake has a flaky texture and a mild, subtly sweet flavor — the perfect choice for consumers seeking a simple white fish for fried fish dishes. The wild-caught fish is available in both portions and fillets.

Pescanova Chilean Sea Bass is caught off the coast of Argentina and Chile in the Antarctic cold waters. Sought after by chefs and seafood lovers, alike, Chilean sea bass is a prized for its rich flavor, firm white flakes, and moist, buttery texture. Pescanova’s Chilean Sea Bass is certified by the US Department of Commerce National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and verified with the Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) as always responsibly caught. Chilean Sea Bass is available in both fillets and portions.

Pescanova’s Mahi Mahi is wild caught in subtropical waters off the coast of Peru. Mahi Mahi has a pinkish raw flesh with a mild, sweet flavor. It has large, moist flakes and semi-firm texture. Mahi-Mahi is great for grilling, baking, poaching, frying, and steaming. Pescanova’s Mahi Mahi is certified by Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit, Friends of the Sea and Global GAP. It is available in a variety of sizes of portions and fillets.

Pescanova’s versatile Vannamai White Shrimp are responsibly sourced from sustainable freshwater aquaculture farms. The shrimp have a firm texture and a mild, yet slightly sweet taste profile. Perfect for a variety of applications, Pescanova’s White Shrimp is available head-on, shell-on, P&D, tail-on, tail-off, raw, frozen – all in a variety of sizes to meet your back of house needs.

With 70% of consumers seeking sustainable seafood1 and more than 30% willing to spend more on sustainable seafood2, there’s never been a better time to offer Pescanova’s delicious, high-quality seafood. To learn about Pescanova’s seafood offerings, email contact@pescanovausa.com or visit our food service page.

1. Walter Family Foundation, “Walton Family Foundation Urges Action on Seafood Traceability Ahead of World Oceans Day,” June 7, 2022
2. Datassential, 2022 Environment Report

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