How to Thaw Shrimp

Shrimp in Ice

Shrimp is an easy protein to keep on hand in your freezer, which means it’s not always thawed when you need it! If you know you’re making a delicious shrimp dinner in advance, simply place your cooked, frozen shrimp in the refrigerator the day before and let it gradually thaw.
What if you’re making dinner in just a few hours, and you forgot to get your shrimp out of the freezer yesterday? Well, we’ve got a quick thawing hack for you! Simply remove the shrimp from their packaging and place them in a large bowl. Fill the bowl with cold water until the shrimp is fully submerged and let the shrimp soak for about 20 minutes or until fully thawed. Pat the shrimp to dry, and you’re ready to make dinner!

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