who is behind pescanova?

Nueva Pescanova Group’s roots began at the Port of Vigo on the Northwest coast of Spain. Over the last 50 years, Pescanova has transformed itself into one of the top fishing and aquaculture companies in the world.

Continuing its global expansion, Nueva Pescanova Group entered the United States market in 1998 when Pescanova USA was created in Miami, Florida. Today, Pescanova USA is one of the top 50 seafood commerce companies in the Americas.

For decades, Pescanova’s customers have been the top priority and everything we do is designed to deliver an exceptional final product: quality, healthy, sustainably sourced seafood that exceeds expectations. Pescanova USA delivers the best product because we control every aspect in the production and distribution chain – from origin to market.

We Fish

We own over 70 vessels that fish in the best fishing grounds within the Southern Hemisphere. Locations: Argentina, Uruguay, Mozambique, Angola, Namibia and South Africa

We Farm

Our sustainable aquaculture farms encompass a total area of 7,000 HA. Locations: Vannamei Shrimp: Latin America (EC, GU, NI) Turbot: Spain (hatchery and grow-out) Tilapia Brazil

We Process

Our production facilities span across 10 countries and produce a wide range of seafood products including precooked dishes and surimi. Locations: Spain, France, Ireland, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Nicaragua, India, Namibia.

We Sell

Pescanova products can be found in 80 countries and are the market leaders in Spain and Portugal. Commercial Office Locations: Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, USA, Brazil, Peru and South Africa

From the sea to the plate


The vessels can be classified by the preservation method used on board (freezers or wet-fihs) and by the fishing gear used (trawlers, outrigger trawlers, long-liners or jiggers)






Outrigger trawlers





White Shrimp

Argentine Red Shrimp


Chilean Sea Bass

Mahi Mahi


Grupo nueva pescanova DNA

We work together to be the best food company in the market by bringing the freshness of the sea to the consumer’s table.

We rely on our brand and innovation to fish, farm, select and process the best product wherever it may be.

We believe that our first responsibility is the sustainability of natural resources and of our partner communities, whose trust we build and maintain by acting ethically and creating value.

Our take on sustainability

All of our vessels and factories are equipped to pay the upmost respect to the environment. We further the sustainability of our fishing activities by limiting our catch and respecting the downtime fishing areas require to guarantee resources for future generations.

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