Grupo Pescanova’s roots began at the Port of Vigo, on the Northwest coast of Spain. Over the last 50 years, Pescanova has transformed itself into one of the top fishing and aquaculture companies in the world.

Continuing its global expansion, Grupo Pescanova entered the United States market in 1998 when Pescanova Inc, was created in Miami, Florida. In 2007, Pescanova Inc. acquired Ladex, and merged the companies to become Pescanova USA.

Today, Pescanova USA is one of the top 50 seafood commerce companies in the Americas.

For decades, our customers have been our priority and everything we do is designed to deliver them an exceptional final-product: Quality, Sustainable, Healthy seafood that exceeds expectations. Pescanova USA delivers the best product because we control every aspect in the production and distribution chain, from Origin to Market:

We operate our own aquaculture farms, our own fishing fleets and our own processing plants and worldwide distribution network.