Domestic Seafood Heritage Program

Pescanova USA, in Conjunction with the University of Florida, Announces the Launch of an Innovative Domestic Seafood Heritage Program

One of Two Dynamic Initiatives the Company Will Undertake in 2012 to Support Domestic Fisheries and Advance Sustainable Practices

In partnership with the University of Florida, Pescanova USA, one of the largest seafood importers in the U.S., has announced the launch of the Domestic Seafood Heritage Program. This new program is designed to recognize and elevate support for traditional processors and harvests that have remained dedicated to production of food from our coastal marine fisheries. The criteria for recognition will be based on historical efforts and commitments to assuring a safe and sustainable supply of seafood from local waters. This University-based program will also serve to encourage continuing education and research to ensure responsible harvesting and utilization of local marine resources.

“We want to recognize those companies that for generations have had the most responsible approach to seafood commerce”

“We want this program to really make a difference in the industry,” says Ralph Bru, President and COO. “It is in recognition of the fishermen, communities or companies who have responsibly employed their resources and knowledge to ensure domestic seafood for future generations.”

Pescanova USA has agreed to contribute $10,000 to initiate the program. This contribution will help Dr. Steven Otwell, University of Florida, create the guidelines, criteria and processes needed to identify the most appropriate candidates. A Seafood Heritage Committee with industry, academic and public participation will be assigned to screen nominations. This inclusive approach will help maintain complete objectivity, transparency and accountability. The first selections are expected to begin in 2012.

“We want to recognize those companies that for generations have had the most responsible approach to seafood commerce,” says Bru. “The Domestic Seafood Heritage Program will be an exceptional way to encourage and reward commitments and dedication. Pescanova USA also hopes to partner with other corporations in the near future to build additional support for this program.”

In conjunction with the Domestic Seafood Heritage Program, Pescanova USA has also announced that in order to further advance sustainable fishing practices, they will begin a new purchasing program that includes seafood harvested from local and regional wild fisheries. An initial series of pilot purchasing programs will be directed for Gulf Coast shrimp.

About Pescanova USA

Pescanova USA, a U.S. leader in the importation and distribution of seafood products, is committed to providing the highest quality wild caught and aquaculture seafood while ensuring social and environmental responsibility, food safety and traceability. Pescanova USA is an affiliate of Pescanova Group, based in Vigo, Spain. Pescanova USA was recently named one of the top 50 seafood commerce companies in the Americas by


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